I use the Gemological Institute of America's diamond grading  criteria.  I also employ 10 out of 10 grading to verify diamonds.
When looking for a diamond, the four C's

1. cut of a diamond  means the shape of the stone and how well it is cut to proportions as a round, square, rectangle, oval , etc
2. colour-   best is colourless  (D) so it will sparkle  average is (G-H)
3. clarity-  look inside stone for spots, or impurities or inclusions
best is no inclusions,   average is very slight (vs)  to slight SI
4.  Carat size, or weight of the stone

Average rule of thumb is  
 A diamond that is:
stones are measured by diameter
1ct  is 6.5mm round
.75ct is 5.5mm round
.50ct, or half carat, is 5mm  round
.25ct or quarter carat is 4mm round
.10ct or a 10 pointer as it is called is 3mm round
let me to find you a diamond that fits you perfectly call 204-253-6849  or email me

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